Cumin Seeds

Cumin Seeds

Cumin is a flowering plant in the family Apiaceae, native to territory including the Middle East and streching east to India. Cumin has aroma and sweet-spicy flavor. After pepper and chilies, cumin is the most consumed seed.

Chefs in far East, Central America, North Africa, Mexico, this spice has been a signature of cooking style for long. We are manufacturer, exporters and suppliers of best quality cumin seed in all around the world,

Overview of Cumin Seeds

How to use Cumin Seeds :

  • Cumin seeds are used in various ways in kitchen as a spice. Some of the recipes have cumin seeds as a necessary such as taco seasoning and fajita seasoning etc.
  • When cumin seed combined with cardamom, anise, seeds of brown garlic, mustard, fennel, coriander, paprika, fenugreek, turmeric, seeds of yellow mustard etc.
  • Cumin seeds can be used for skin care. When it combined with honey, it works as a scrub. The skin looks young and repaired with the use for seed as it is a source of Vitamin E.
  • Cumin is works wonderful at aiding in digestion and therefore adding it in the routine helps in loosing weight.
  • Pungent Smell of cumin seed we can use it as essential oil. It calm the stomach when  used externally in diluted form.

Health Benefits of Cumin Seeds :

  • Cumin seeds have a wonderful power to make any dish tasty and flavorful. Traditional spices that are known to be healthiest are known to be main ingredients of Indian dishes.
  • There are numerous health benefits of cumin seeds other than making food delicious. 
  • They are helpful in eases insomnia, weight loss, enhance the immune system, treat the disorder in respiratory system, anti-cancer and antiviral properties, promotes health of skin, helps in preventing diabetes, fights parasites and bacteria etc.
  • It enhance the memory and also prevent inflammation.