Sesame Seeds

Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are known as Sesamum indicum. These seeds are flowering plant in the genus Sesamum family which also called benne. 

Sesame seeds are oval-shaped flat seeds having nutty taste. They are available in different colors such as white, black, yellow and red. Sesame oil is extracted from the seeds. Height of the seeds are about seven feets annually. 

Sesame seeds are of three types: black, white and brown. Numerous wild relatives occurs in Africa and a smaller number available in India.

Overview of Sesame Seeds

How to use Sesame Seeds :

  • Sesame seeds has the best used in bakery products. They are used in bakery product because they don’t need any process on them. They can consumed directly. 
  • Black sesame seeds are mainly used for medicinal purpose. They have 60 percent more calcium than hulled seeds. Non hulled seeds are widely used in granola, backed items, candies, cereals etc.
  • These seeds also know for there aroma so that they are used in many cuisines. 
  • These seeds are also used to sprinkle over the bread and cakes. 
  • In Mexico, the oil extracted from these seeds generally used in cooking. 
  • These seeds are used in Chinese, Japanese and Korean item preparation.

Health Benefits of Sesame Seeds :

  • Sesame seeds help to improve menopausal women’s sleep pattern.
  • They are helpful in preventing migraine attack.
  • These seeds have been found helpful in curing or preventing serious health problem such as asthma, lowering blood pressure, arthritis and colon cancer.
  • The body is massaged with sesame oil during some auspicious days for rejuvenation in India.
  • They have anti-microbial properties. 
  • In other countries such as Tibet use the sesame seed oil as a seductive.
  • Calcium present in these seeds along with phosphorous and zinc help to strengthen the bones.
  • Sesame seed oil aid digestion, reduce inflammation, regulate diabetes, protect the liver, protect against oxidative stress, promote hair andd skin health, reduce cancer risk etc.